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Brooklyn Playgrounds homescreen

Brooklyn Playgrounds

We wanted a playground rating website. There wasn't one, so we built it.

As the parents of a toddler, we spent a lot of time in Brooklyn's playgrounds. We also found that not every playground was suitable for our needs. Try keeping a 2-year-old kid out of a splash pad when its 95 degrees outside.

We wanted a better way of discovering new playgrounds and we built it using Webflow, a no-code design solution with customizable databases.

The site's content is buiklt on Webflow's CMS, and so each playground is added to a customized database. The features and other information are connected to linked databases for sorting and searching. Our reviews and other information are stored in the database as well.

The site uses Webflow's native systems and allowed me to develop the site without an outside backend developer, meaning it was faster and cheaper to build. The design tools are robust and versatile, and elimninate a lot of the wasted time spent debugging the site becuase of typos or minor errors in CSS code.

What We Did:

Web Development, Digital Design, Strategy, Copyrighting, Content Creation

Red sauce America Wesbite

Red Sauce America

To help sell a history book, we launched a website focused on food and culture articles.

When founder Ian MacAllen sold his food history book, Red Sauce: How Italian Food Became American, marketing it required a supporting website. The website was built as a way of highlighting parts of the book and generating interest.

After the first year of book sales, the site needed a new use. We pivoted to rebuild it as a content-forward website featuring history, food, recioes, culture, and interviews.

The site is using a Wordpress install with a customized theme. One advantage of Wordpress is the wide install base means there are plenty of plugins and ease of use. Many people know how to uses Wordpress and are familiar with the interface.

There are some downsides like increased vulnerability to hacking, lower security levels, and higher development costs. While we built our customized theme using Boostrap and cusotm CSS code, more complicated builds typically require a backend developer.

What We Did:

Web Design, Digital Design, Strategy, Content Creation


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